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搭讪的话hey.beauty girl..是错的BEAUTY是美人然后GIRL女生这样重叠了应该要是一个形容词HEY,BEAUTIFUL GIRL这个是对的这是人家在搭讪你陌生人最好不要理

Who Says Selena Gomez Wouldn't wanna be anybody else, hey.You made my insecure.To me I wasn't good enough.But who are you to judge.When you're diamond in the rough.Am sure you got some things.You like to change about yourself,but

金雅中的《beautiful girl》就前面伴奏you are beautiful girl~是男生唱的,中间都是女生唱的

嗨,逼又特佛(连读) 购hi. beautiful girl

who saysselena gomezwouldn't wanna be anybody else, hey.you made my insecure.to me i wasn't good enough.but who are you to judge.when you're diamond in the rough.am sure you got some things.you like to change about yourself,but when it


铺的罗给目的以给打den他给谷啊拿剧系无没一汉邦系撒用哈系无铺的罗文nun 吗剧气dei 米苏气有搜KI 鸟 len无给 hey what's up beauty 吗 len考系无KI 奈啊气诶梦叫一罗拿搜 turning on jazzGentle kiss 耨怕啦吧耨目气气dei 苏剧图并忒谷所几卡

Damn Girl在台湾的官方翻译是辣美眉再看看别人怎么说的.

There's something in the air there makes you go insane brings you back to me it's been so long all that i have to do is live along Sonic Youth it's coming coming down over me do you want to see the explosions in my eye do you want to see the

Youre my beautiful girl Beautiful girl beautiful Im a beautiful girl


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