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Both thE girl AnD hEr Dog ______ wErE Crossing ...


用"were crossing"表示正在过街.这句话可以简化成both the gril and her dog crossing the street were hit by a car,同样表示正在过街.和crossed的不同之处在于,当在这里用crossed the street,意思就是已经过了街,被撞了.

1.选B for +时间段用现在完成时 2.D 3.C exciting表示物的特性,excited 表示人的感受

选D这个女孩对这件事 越来越担心了 不仅仅是清醒的时候 连做梦都是 in her dreams 是在梦中 awake 指的是清醒着的 只有这个意思是相对应的asleep 是睡眠中的 away 离开的around 在附近的

定语从句(高考试题精选)专项练习1. Is there a bar around _____I can have something to eat?A. that B. what C. which D. where2. The house, _____ was destroyed in the terrible fire, has been repaired. A. the roof of which B. which roof C. its roof D

that 定语从句嘛 填that是首选!!

一、基本概念(一) 定语从句在复合句中作定语,修饰名词或代词的从句叫定语从句.(二) 先行词被定语从句所修饰的名词或代词.一般情况下,定语从句紧跟先行词.但也有因各种原因定语从句与先行词被分割的现象.(三)关系代词和

Gail and her dog, Sam, are standing at the street corner. They're waiting for the cars to go by. They want to go 41 the street. She is waiting for Sam to decide when they should cross. 42 blind people use special, trained(受过训练的)dogs to help



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