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lEgAl Entity怎么翻译?英译英 谢谢

business:n商业,贸易,生意unit:n单位,单元,一个business unit 经营单位legal:adj法律上的,合法的,法定的entity:n实体,本质business legal entity 商业性的法律实体我觉得可以理解为合法的经营企业.但是我查了下其他的翻译叫:企业法人,额,不太明白希望能帮助到你

你好!legal entity 英[li:l entiti] 美[lil ntti] 法人实体 [例句]the stock exchange is a non profit legal entity which provides a venue in which securities are collectively traded by bidding.证券交易所是提供证券集中竞价交易场所的不以营利为目的的法人.

The late Qing Dynasty is an important historical stage in the process of Chinese legal modernization, is the turning point of the traditional legal system to modern legal system. And the law transplant is occupied an important position in the late Qing

The Scope and Limits of the Corporate Entity TheoryThe acts of a group of persons recognized by the law as a corporation are,in legal contemplation,the acts of the group itself conceived of as if it were a separate individual or legal “person”,and

In this article, from real right aspect brief analysis real estate transaction question. The real estate transaction system is the real estate legal regime important content.Does the real estate transaction whether standard order relate our country real

It's said that lavenders are the soul of Provence, endowing it with special life. In fact, Provence and lavenders are already an entity, creating the purple dream of romance together.


Tax planning, describe of Italy, is in accord with national tax regulations orientation at the same time, through to the tax system and legal research, reduce the taxes a reasonable way of tax avoidance. Tax planning as a legitimate tax savings of

1, bidding letter 2, 3 and tender bids list legal representative accredit a power of attorney 4, effective qualification, ability, competent degree documents: 1) copy of the business license of enterprise legal person 2) tax registration certificate 3) level

Legal Entity Name 翻译过来是 法律实体名称 在国外一般指公司注册名称 所以邓白氏填写Legal Entity Name 时 填写他邮件返回给你的 你公司的英文名称



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